WordPress Hosting Services

For just £30 per month, I can offer you ALL the following:

(per WordPress website)



I will back up and transfer your website from your old host to this new one completely free of charge.  It takes about a week altogether and your website should not experience any downtime during the transfer. 


Enhanced Security

Against hackers and DDOS attacks



Software and versions of the website up to date


Daily Backups

If anything goes wrong we can recover it.


Monitoring Uptime

When your website is down for something serious, you’re losing visitors.  Monitoring this means that doesn’t happen without you knowing it.


Professional Email Address.

Use your domain name for your emails so your branding is right.


SSL Included

Website security for GDPR and the public’s peace of mind.


Faster Hosting and Performance Checks

Good for Clients AND Google.  The Performance Check tells you what problems there may be with your website and advises on the action you can take.


On-Demand Additional Backups

If you are making major changes – just in case.


CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Makes websites even faster and Google likes this a lot, especially if your business runs online.


Net Zero Carbon

100% Renewable energy company.


Changes and Fixes

I will do 10 Min ‘quick fixes’ to the website for errors or glitches or if you want to change something.  I can do quite a lot in 10 min.


Divi Builder

Free License to use ‘Divi Builder’ to display your website (where appropriate).  Supplied by elegantthemes.com.


E-commerce enabled

(and upgraded SSL to go with that if required).  This means if you wanted to add a shop at any point this will be optimized for e-commerce already.


Email Anti-Spam

Customisable spam settings and filters by spamexperts.com.  All setup and ready to go with recommended settings.


2-factor Auth

Additional Anti-Hack System is included if desired.

Amazing Offer To All Hosting Clients

Would You Like WordPress and Small Business VIP Club Membership (worth £30 per month)

AND get WordPress Management (worth an additional £30 per month) included.

– Free For Life?

Book A Free Zoom Chat

Not sure if this is what you need?  Unsure whether your current provider gives you these options?  Book a FREE Zoom chat.  This is absolutely NOT a sales call.  I just want to help you out if I can.  I know how confusing this all can be..

find me on Facebook Sharing my tips and ideas!

More Info:

You also get to join my FaceBook group where I share tips and ideas as well as free tutorials on how to manage your WordPress Website!  No other host offers such value for money!


Free Tutorials


Like-Minded People

Domain Names

A Note About Domain Names

Your Domain Name is personal to you and should always be owned by you, therefore they are not included in my monthly hosting service.

I can quote separately for you if you wish. Again these are easier if purchased through me (especially if you host with me) but can also be purchased elsewhere and point to your site on my server.

Prices are around £13-£18 per year depending on your needs.  My Domain name fees include ICANNregistration.


Yearly Auto Renewal


ICANN Registration

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