#1 Tech Support for Results During Lockdown

If you are worried about doing your work online on lockdown because of Coronavirus I could help. Or maybe you just want to talk?

I will support you for a small donation or for free whatever you can afford


PC, Apple, Skype, Zoom, WordPress, Canva, Social Media, MS Office, Mobile Phone, SEO and more…

Many self-employed are worried because there is no clear financial support at the moment from the Government in light of Covid-19. I am one of them. You probably are too.

Most of the people I have helped have wanted to transfer their therapy, coaching, artistic, creative or similar business to online and digital methods.  They have wanted to be clear on how to do video conferencing when they have never used this type of technology before.

Do you struggle to get your tech to be your friend?  Have you lost income during the Covid-19 lockdown?

Me too.  That is why donation is optional but greatly appreciated. I want to help however I can and, I too need help for my family. Together we can get through this!

sole trader tech support covid 19 coronavirus help. Tech Support During Lockdown

Give me a shout and we can arrange a call:


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