This Site Is Being Rebuilt!

Hello and Welcome to

Spin My Plates Academy: Where Science, Sanctity and Stability Conquers Your Self-Sabotage

I am building a hub of resources, tools, workshops and mastermind sessions for you to:

1.  Find out why nothing else has worked for you.

2.  Find out why it seems impossible to stop sabotaging yourself and what you can do about it.

3.  Join a community of people in the same boat as you.

4.  Educate yourself about your body, mind and soul instead of 'generalised' poor advice (and bulls**t).

5.  Learn how to build your own personalised health and wellbeing programme that will work for you, and only YOU!

6.  Utilise Science, The Soul and Somatics to repair the damage done by your past in all areas of your life.

7.  Then simplify, simplify, simplify and integrate it easily into your busy schedule.

This may take a while but it will be AWESOME!!  Please bear with me.