SOLE TRADER BUSINESS DILEMMA; Was this imposter syndrome or something else?

Today whilst folding washing and shouting at my dog (she was digging in my veg bed) I received a lovely call. I would like to share her story here (I have her permission):

I have a sole-trader business coaching client, let’s call her Rachel.

A few days ago she came to her session feeling anxious and a bit down. I listened carefully as she told me about feeling deflated by one of her clients.
Her client had enquired about her services and seemed really interested in the service she offers. She had sold herself well and her client appeared to see the value in what she was offering. Then, a short while after, Rachel got a message from the lady saying that while she did think the service on offer was good, the finances were too tight at the moment and priorities lay elsewhere. Rachel felt let down. She wondered whether she had maybe not hit the tone right, maybe she was charging too much? Maybe she just wasn’t good enough at this after all?
I asked her whether there was any evidence for thinking this or if the client could have been telling the truth. Rachel decided that it could be any of the reasons and that the client could indeed just be telling the truth.
So I made an uncomfortable suggestion.
Why not get back in touch with the client in order to give them a new option?
Initially, Rachel was unsure about this, she didn’t want to seem pushy at all. And we definitely didn’t want to come across as desperate and offer a discount.
Rachel was also concerned for the client. She knew that this lady needed her service as her experience had told her that there would potentially be an issue for her just around the corner that she is unaware of yet.
We crafted a message to say to the client.
We told the client that Rachel completely understood the financial worries and, whilst she would have loved to help her she was ok to wait too.
She also told the lady that she expected a problem to appear soon, based on her experience and, if that were to happen, she would be right here to guide the client through it.
That was a few days ago. I was delighted today to be distracted from my naughty dog to receive a call from a very happy Rachel. She called to thank me for her session the other day. She had indeed sent the message we discussed despite her fears. The lady contacted Ravhel back to say that she was grateful for Rachel’s insight and, on reflection, decided that Rachel’s service was indeed worth going for and booked a chat with Rachel to discuss further.
I encourage my clients to contact me between sessions if something comes up and I am always delighted to hear that a solution we came up with in session had a positive outcome.
Without coaching, this new business may well have missed out on an opportunity to gain a valuable client because of needless worry or fear.
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Thanks to ‘Rachel for letting me share this!!

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