Little Acorns. Full day Coaching just £65!

This is a one-day (6 hours) of intensive (but fun) delve into your Business.


Either you are just started or you have reached a plateau, your small business will benefit from this experience.

You will get a fresh perspective of what holds you back, what your best skills are and how you could make more money and enjoy your work more.

You will get a tips about using the dreded ‘tech’ to help you run your business and increase your productivity.  Time is money as they say so the sooner we can save you precious hours the better!

You will also get simple, no bull***t guidance on the common pitfalls self-employed small businesses usually find when it comes to money and/or tech.

If planning and numbers are ‘not your thing’ or you feel like throwing your computer out of the window (whilst screaming! – think rock stars and hotels..) then this is the place for you!

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“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.”-

Henry Ford

Using the symbolism of the Oak Tree, I will guide you through a creative process to define how you might be affecting the growth of your business – both negatively and positively (or, if your business is new, where to start).

This day is perfect if you do not know which direction you would like to take your business or career.

We will spend up to 6 hours together where you will have one-to-one, tailored and structured mentoring.

This process is ideal for all sole-traders and self-employed small businesses at any stage of their development.

It is perfect if you find long-winded business planning, documents or spreadsheets challenging to follow, there’s not a document, spreadsheet or presentation in-sight.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had to take scissors and colouring pens.
A very light-hearted and useful workshop. Lots of laughter and no paperwork but creative in cutting and pasting Acorn leaves —- Creating a visual board and found that I had a lot to offer my clients and all the experience had accumulated over the years.
Standing back at my Acorn .oak tree was amazed at what more potential I could do for my clients.
I found Claire’s workshop very useful and as I’m more of a hands-on person it felt right.”

Janet Blake

Reflexologist and Crystal Healer, The Bay Clinic

Limited Offer - Book Now for a whole day one-to-one mentoring and coaching for just £65! (£390 from April 2020)








Find out how to merge all your skills and life experiences into one, unique business. As a sole-trader, YOU are your best USP (Unique Selling Point).

Rid yourself of ‘imposter syndrome’ and break down your thinking, beliefs and attitudes so that you can become clear about your direction.

We will look at everything you have experienced since birth that are relevant to you today. You will explore your beliefs and values as they will, as a sole-trader, affect your business too.

Find out when you need to take action.

  Discover which tasks are likely to end up making you some money and which ones are less profitable. Learn how to prioritise your most important tasks first and avoid procrastination.

You will plan the action you need to take straight away and a few things you will need to think about for the following week.

Don't Get Stuck

Why wait until you lose money or clients dry-up.  Get a plan and protect your business

“My biggest worry before the Little Acorns Workshop was that I would struggle to prioritize my coming year, but by using visual images to create my plans, it was easy to put my ideas into order. It really helped get things into perspective. My favourite aspect of doing the course was creating my little acorns next steps and prioritising my ideas. It made it clearer when it was put in visual form. I would say Claire was a great support in helping me to look at my ideas and passions and what I wanted to do moving forward. She helped me clarify my next steps and helped me to recognise my skills and experience I use to help others.”

Emily Hughes

Number Savvy Numerology

Find out how much you could earn.

Explore your earning potential and set some realistic money-goals.

Explore the things that stop us from earning more and how ‘Get Rich Quick’ scams affect us more than we thought! 


Find out other ways you could earn even more.

We will brainstorm ways in which you could potentially stop relying on one stream of income and explore other ways to make money to pay your bills and look after your family. That’s what this is all about after all right?

You will think about the possibility of creating a passive source of income or look at different business models that might be more profitable for you.

“When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”


Find who you need help from, to achieve success.

Find the right team of supporters for you, who is your greatest ally and how they can help you move forward in the future.

Look at when and how you might outsource specific tasks, and what to do if you cannot afford to outsource yet.

Plus even find even more ways you could grow your business.

 Together we will cover ways you manage your time, how you track your finances, and what brought you to your current pricing and fees decision.

You get to create a motivational wall poster for your office or other suitable space as a handy reference and overview of your business plan.

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Together we will cover ways you manage your time, how you track your finances, and what brought you to your current pricing and fees decision

Claire’s ‘About Me’ Poem

Claire’s ‘About Me’ Poem

You?  A small business or sole-trader,   me I’ve got experience I’ll tell you later… My name is Claire, although not rare, I’m here and there, so please don’t stare I do not serve ‘traditional fair’.   Out of the box, knock off your socks...

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