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“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.”-
Henry Ford

“My biggest worry before the meeting with Claire was that I would struggle to prioritize my coming year, but by using visual images to create my plans, it was easy to put my ideas into order. It really helped get things into perspective. My favourite aspect of the process was creating my next steps and prioritising my ideas. It made it clearer when it was put in visual form. I would say Claire was a great support in helping me to look at my ideas and passions and what I wanted to do moving forward. She helped me clarify my next steps and helped me to recognise my skills and experience I use to help others.”

Emily Hughes

Number Savvy Numerology

Whether you are just starting or you have reached a plateau, your small business will benefit from this experience.

This is 2 days of intensive coaching on your Business.

Get a fresh perspective of what holds you back, what your best skills are and how you could make more money and enjoy your work.

Get tips to help you run your business and increase your productivity.  Time is money as they say so the sooner we can save you precious hours the better!

Get simple, no bull***t guidance on the common pitfalls self-employed small businesses usually find when it comes to money and/or tech.

“I would highly recommend Claire’s Little Acorns, as you get so much clarity out of the day and what you already knew you embed it more. It made me see where I could expand in my business that aligns with my own values too, and also allows you to check on your foundations (like support), delegating or outsourcing that may be needed and allows you to understand your blocks and how you can begin to resolve those. If you are very visual and love creativity and having fun with business, then you will love this day. Claire is very intuitive and insightful the whole time you are there, reflecting back things to you and creating a-ha moments between you. She coaches you as she goes, I felt very supported and have my finished design hanging proudly for me to see whilst I work, motivating me to move forwards. Thank you Claire”

Victoria Smith Gillard

Therapist and Animal Communicator, Ametrine Holistics


Using the symbolism of the Oak Tree, I will guide you through a creative process to define how you might be affecting the growth of your business – both negatively and positively (or, if your business is new, where to start).


Merge all your skills and life experiences into one, unique overview.  YOU are your best USP (Unique Selling Point).

Utilise your ‘imposter syndrome’ and break down your thinking, beliefs and attitudes so that you can become clear about your direction.

Discover which tasks are likely to end up making you some money and which ones are less profitable. Learn how to prioritise your most important tasks first and avoid procrastination.

Explore your earning potential and set some more realistic, higher, money-goals.

Explore the things that stop you from earning.

Create the right team of supporters for you, your greatest allies and how they can help you move forward.

Explore the things that stop you from earning.

She is absolutely great to work with, responsive and understanding and will work hard to provide what you need. I couldn’t recommend her enough. Linda Bishopp, Psychotherapist and Founder of The Therapists’ Network

Linda Bishopp

Psychotherapist and Founder, The Therapists' Network

You will have your problems solved, motivation to take action, create the foundation of your business plan plus an ‘Oak Tree’ poster of your plan as a handy reference and overview of your mighty plan.


£150 for the 2 days!

Total – NO hidden costs or pushy extras!

"I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had to take scissors and colouring pens.
A very light-hearted and useful workshop. Lots of laughter and no paperwork but creative in cutting and pasting Acorn leaves —- Creating a visual board and found that I had a lot to offer my clients and all the experience had accumulated over the years.
Standing back at my Acorn .oak tree was amazed at what more potential I could do for my clients.
I found Claire’s workshop very useful and as I’m more of a hands-on person it felt right."

Janet Blake

Reflexologist and Crystal Healer, The Bay Clinic

Claire is an excellent support source for any small business owner. Thoroughly recommended..”

Kate Munden

Therapist (TRE and Abuse Recovery), The Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Centre

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