If I Had to Live My Life Over (Written by a Woman after she found out she was dying of cancer)

If I Had to Live My Life Over (Written by a Woman after she found out she was dying of cancer). spinmyplates.com


I would have gone to bed when I was sick

instead of pretending the earth would go

into a holding pattern if I weren’t there

for the day

I would have burnt the pink candle sculpted

like a rose before it melted in the storage


I would have talked less, and listened more

I would have invited friends over to

dinner even if the carpet was stained, or

the sofa faded


I would have eaten popcorn in the ‘good’

living room and worried much less about

the dirt when someone wanted to light a fire there

I would have taken the time to listen to my

grandfather ramble about his youth


I would have shared more of the

responsibility carried by my husband

I would never have insisted the car windows

be rolled up on a summer’s day because my

hair has just been done


I would have sat on the lawn with my

grass stains


I would have cried and laughed less

while watching television and more while

watching Life


I would never have bought anything just

because it was practical, wouldn’t show soil,

or was guaranteed to last a lifetime





Written By: Claire

Finding herself increasing frustrated at expectations to 'specialise' in any one career or subject, Claire founded www.spinmyplates.com where she helps 'multi-preneurs' balance lives and careers incorporating all their interests. Claire has spent 25 years studying photography, music, design, retail management, training and computer programming (among other things). She is a 'Cheeky' Entrepreneur and Friendly Activist. She enjoys Weekends Camping in the Woods with her young son.


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