How to appeal to your ideal clients – hint, you already know them probably!

This a practical guide to getting inside your perfect customer’s heads put the stuff/services you sell in front of people, tune it into that group and appeal to them.  Then solve their problems and make them feel nice.

We buy emotionally. 

Think about what are you really selling.  What do they really want, the ’thing’ you are selling or the results and feelings from it?

Your customers don’t really want what you are selling, they want the result and the feeling you give them.  What is the emotion that goes with that? 

What might they have tried in the past that wasn’t good for them or may have made them regret spending the money?

We will

  • Create an image of your ideal clients.  This will help you cultivate the right words to appeal to the right people in your business.  It’s not just demographics here.  I’ve done so many stupid workshops on ideal clients and I always end up with the same useless information.  For example, my ideal client might be somebody called Sarah and imaginary person who has 2.4 children lives in a semi-detached house and isn’t too rich and isn’t too poor.  With something so vague as the demographics of an ideal client, I then have no idea where they hang out what they’re interested in why they even buy my services in the first place.
  • Think about the clients you have now, have had in the past or would love to have (ideally someone you already know).  These will be the people where if you only had those clients all day, every day, your business would feel fantastic and you would be blissfully happy in your work.  I guarantee you you will know a few people who you will be perfectly matched to provide the thing you sell or the service that you give.  And in the case of service environments such as coaches therapists creative people photographers a lot of the time your ideal client is you!  I see a lot of similarities in the things that I needed before I learnt how to do this job and who I attract now who I can help.  My ideal clients essentially are an earlier version of myself.  I see the work I do as a way of paying forward and thanking the world for helping me with the things I needed in the past.  This may be the same for you or it could be that you sell products that have a practical function that solver problems or make people feel nice either way one thing is always true… We buy emotionally.
  • Select your three favourite previous clients.  We will do a couple of exercises for each one.  If one of these favourite people is you then that’s okay too.


Exercise one:

For each example client, answer the following:


  • Gender
  • Age
  • Education
  • Job
  • Marital Status
  • Kids?
  • Other relevant stuff for you
  • Do not focus too much on income.  The money will matter less at the moment.


What are their External Pressures:

  • Money Worries (for example)
  • Looking Good (for example)
  • Targets at Work  (for example)
  • The place where they live  (for example)
  • Family/Culture  (for example)
  • Pressures such as anxiety/confidence?
  • How do they feel about these things?


What are their Internal Desires?:

  • Financial Security  (for example)
  • Prove themselves  (for example)
  • Realise Potential (for example)
  • Feel Better  (for example)
  • Do well  (for example)
  • Impress others  (for example)
  • Be the best  (for example)
  • Etc…

What do they want?  

What are the emotions?  How do they want to feel?

What do they need from you?  

How will you make them feel?

What tools do you use that help them?

What qualifies you?

What is your story?

Have you been through what they have been through and found your own way out?  If you’re selling products have you used them yourself are they great why did you use them?

Use these answers to really think about how you’re going to talk either in writing or in video or in person to your ideal customers.

Speakers if you’re speaking to a real human being don’t put on a professional front don’t be inappropriate either but just be yourself sometimes I find it’s easier to talk to another person about this and record it and write down what I’ve said you can try this or I offer it as a service just have a look at the menu above.

Once you’ve changed how you talk about what you offer in giving it in terms of what they need rather than what you provide what they get out of it rather than what you do you will find that you will start to become more appealing to the kinds of people that you would prefer to work with or have buy things from you.

From your answers, you will be able to extrapolate key messages that you can put in your direct trees and on your website and on your social media that really talk to the person who you want to attract.

On the flip side of this, you will also start to generate trust with them and even if they’re not ready to buy now you may well be the first person they think of because you know how they feel and you can help them with that.


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