Exploring the Feeling of Idolising: What It Feels Like and How to Recognise It

Feeling idolising is a profound and intense state that significantly influences our relationships and overall well-being. It’s a sensation of deep admiration and reverence, often brought about by strong emotional connections, high regard, and a genuine desire to emulate or be close to someone. This emotion stands out due to its intense and dedicated nature, making us feel genuinely connected and inspired.

The Nature of Feeling Idolising

Being idolised is more than just feeling admiration; it’s a state of intense reverence and adoration that can make our relationships and pursuits feel more meaningful and motivating. It’s the admiration you might feel towards a mentor, a celebrity, or a loved one who inspires you. Idolising is characterised by its intense and enduring quality, fostering a sense of dedication and aspiration.

The Science Behind Feeling Idolising

Research in psychology and social dynamics has shown that experiencing idolisation can have various impacts on our mental and emotional well-being. These experiences can influence our behaviour, boost our motivation, and shape our social interactions.

The Significance of Feeling Idolising

Feeling idolising plays a crucial role in our personal growth and relationships. It acts as a source of inspiration and motivation, providing us with moments of admiration and aspiration. These moments are essential for our mental health, offering a consistent boost to our motivation and helping us navigate life’s challenges with a positive and inspired attitude. Idolising reminds us of the potential for greatness and encourages us to seek out and strive for these ideals.

Cultivating Idolisation in Daily Life

  1. Identify Positive Role Models: Regularly identifying and reflecting on positive role models can significantly enhance your sense of idolisation. Look for individuals who embody qualities and achievements you admire and aspire to.
  2. Engage with Inspirational Content: Consuming content that features your idols, such as books, interviews, or documentaries, can deepen your sense of idolisation. Learn about their journeys, struggles, and successes to draw inspiration for your own life.
  3. Set Goals Inspired by Your Idols: Setting personal goals inspired by the achievements of those you idolise can boost your motivation and dedication. Strive to emulate their qualities and pursue similar accomplishments.
  4. Practice Gratitude and Reflection: Practising gratitude for the inspiration and motivation your idols provide can enhance your sense of idolisation. Reflect on how their influence has positively impacted your life.
  5. Connect with Communities of Admirers: Joining communities or groups of like-minded individuals who share your admiration can deepen your sense of idolisation. Engage in discussions, share experiences, and support each other’s growth.

What Does Feeling Idolising Feel Like in the Body?

The emotion of idolising manifests in both physical sensations and mental states, making it a unique and identifiable experience. Recognising these signs can help you understand when you are feeling idolising, allowing you to harness and optimise these moments more fully.

Physical Sensations of Feeling Idolising

  1. Excitement and Energy: One of the most common physical sensations associated with feeling idolising is a surge of excitement and energy. This may manifest as a sense of vitality and enthusiasm.
  2. Increased Heart Rate: Idolising often brings a sense of excitement that can increase your heart rate. You might feel more invigorated and ready to take on challenges.
  3. Warmth and Inspiration: Feeling idolising can create a sense of warmth and inspiration within your body. This may start in the chest and spread throughout, giving you a feeling of inner motivation and drive.
  4. Increased Smiling: When feeling idolising, you might find yourself smiling more frequently and effortlessly, especially when thinking about or discussing your idols.

Emotional and Mental Signs of Feeling Idolising

  1. Sense of Admiration and Aspiration: Feeling idolised often brings a heightened sense of admiration and aspiration. You may feel more positive and inspired by the qualities and achievements of your idols.
  2. Increased Motivation: When feeling idolising, you are likely to experience increased motivation. You become more driven to pursue your goals and emulate the qualities of your idols.
  3. Positive Outlook: High levels of idolisation can shift your perspective, making you see things in a more ambitious and motivated light. This optimistic outlook can enhance your overall mood and make challenges seem more manageable.
  4. Connection and Empathy: Feeling idolising can increase your sense of connection to others, particularly those who share your admiration. You might feel more empathetic, compassionate, and inclined to share your inspiration with those around you.
  5. Stable Emotions: Idolising can lead to more stable and balanced emotions, provided it is managed healthily. You may find yourself less reactive to stress and more capable of handling life’s ups and downs with a motivated and composed attitude.

Recognising When You Are Idolising

To know if you are feeling idolising, pay attention to the following cues:

  • Body Awareness: Tune into your body and notice any changes in physical sensations. Are you feeling more energetic, excited, or inspired? Is your heart rate elevated? Do you feel a sense of physical warmth and motivation?
  • Emotional Check-In: Reflect on your current emotional state. Do you feel a sense of admiration, aspiration, or increased motivation? Are you more present and engaged with your goals and inspirations?
  • Behavioural Changes: Observe your behaviour. Are you more motivated, enthusiastic, and eager to pursue your goals? Do you feel a strong sense of inspiration and a desire to express it?
  • Mental State: Consider your thoughts and outlook. Are you seeing things in a more ambitious light? Are you feeling inspired and deeply satisfied with your idols and their influence on your life?

By being mindful of these physical, emotional, and mental signs, you can better recognise when you are experiencing high levels of idolisation. This awareness allows you to harness and optimise these moments, enhancing your overall well-being and making your pursuits more meaningful and fulfilling.


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