Consulting is is similar yet different from coaching.  In coaching, we work together holistically.  You will discover new and exciting things about yourself and put the actions into place for you to succeed as a whole.  It’s ‘big picture’ work.

Consulting is for more specified issues.  You can come to see me for training and advice on specific skills and problems.


Below are the skills you could consult with me on:

Business Planning and Strategy

Knowing where you are going with your business, how much you need to earn and how you are going to do it is vital.  Yet most businesses start without this essential information.  Do what you love and the rest will follow?  Sorry, i’m afraid it’s not that easy.  Put a plan in place to avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes.

Branding and Design

Would your customers instantly recognise your business in a single glance.  Do you have a logo, style, font and colours that match throughout your marketing and materials?  I can help you put it all together into a cohesive message that you will love.

Photography and Video

Having trained and worked in photography (and more recently video) for over 25 years I can help you create more professional imagery to support your brand and marketing.

Wordpress Websites

I understand WordPress well.  I have used the platform for myself and clients since 2007.  I can train you in how to utilise the platform yourself, thus saving you thousands in web-designer fees in the coming years.

SEO and SEM (Google and search engine marketing)

I am certified in the Digital Marketing Course offered by Google Digital Garage I can audit your business’s online presence and guide you through increasing your ranking and ability to be seen in a busy online world.

GCHQ and National Cyber Security Centre Certified

Through my insurance company, Hiscox, I have completed a number of certified trainings on internet safety and security, managing online risk, managing data, GDPR and more. 

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