Claire’s ‘About Me’ Poem

A picture of Claire Hirst from

You?  A small business or sole-trader,  

me I’ve got experience I’ll tell you later…

A picture of Claire Hirst from

My name is Claire,

although not rare,

I’m here and there,

so please don’t stare

I do not serve ‘traditional fair’.


Out of the box, knock off your socks

Backwards, I’ll bend, because I care.   

…..So there!


I’ve been dreaming of this for ages,  

Learning lots and turning pages,

Enthusiasm is contagious,

I have ideas that seem outrageous,  

So we lift your business through the stages.


To the top,  

we won’t stop,  

till their blocks,  

you’ll knock



You?  A small business or sole-trader,  

me I got experience.  

I’ll tell you



Started looking after kids,

then fitting shoes and selling chips,

Flipping burgers for a clown,

cleaning up and wiping down,

On to Management (I got the crown)

Learn all I need, then I got freed,

To Comet where I planted seeds,

In after sales and appliance repair,

Management and customer care.


Onto toys and management again,

At Early Learning Centre when,

I too did train…..

Managers and staff and region,

Travelled the country for this reason.


From there to another management role,

A brief one where I was made a mole,

I was bullied harassed and I was cold,


Pregnant I found,

It wasn’t allowed,

So I walked away head high, not in the clouds.


Then came my biggest and best day in forever,

A Mummy I became, to a sweet little treasure.


I needed to rethink…..

Work now is different,

Sole-trade to pay the rent,

Some courses for which I sent,

Some things I tried, they came and went.


I found that some you lose some you win,

Skilled in photography since a teen.


Success at last but needed more,

Building upon this was in store,

Using years of hobby/work skill,

I learn quick, I need to fill,

My brain, with more …

…and more …

…and more …


So I can help with admin work, computer skills

Photography and taking stills ,

Social media marketing ,

(to a degree here, I’m still learning),


Automation ,

Training station ,

Advertise events and celebrations.


…….stunned blinking?


Out of the box and different thinking,

Ideas synthesis, and linking,

Things that just don’t seem to go ,

I put together before you know,




More ideas starts to flow ,

A plan for your business in colour your grow ,

It’s easier when you’re not alone ,


So come work with me, make work feel great,

…from home.

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