A Fresh Approach

Bringing together self-love and discovery from a lifetime of recovering from trauma and addictions (still ongoing) through therapy then fusing it with 30 years in Design, Photography, Websites, SEO, Business and Life Coaching To teach you how you can juggle everything and come through smiling!

Honest Mission

To dispel the common misconceptions of running your own business and create a steady income whilst achieving work/life balance and happiness for all heart-led business people.

Heart-Led Vision

For UK-based, heart-led and creative business people fo finally have a place to get honest business and life solutions relevant to them and their busy lives.

Claire Hirst

Claire Hirst

Alongside co-running the Therapists’ Network Claire helps sole traders run their businesses using Powerful Insightful Coaching, Art-Based Business Planning, Simple Work/Life Balance Solutions, Homemade Photography, DIY SEO Techniques, Easy Peasy Content Creation and much much more…

Claire is a home-educating mum of one teenager, a businesswoman, a creative and spiritual ‘Tech Geek’ and a passionate Polymath.  She has many different interests, skills and talents, mostly in Coaching, Training, Self-Development, Wellness, Design and Businesses.

A ‘Cheeky’ Entrepreneur, Friendly Feminist and Loving Activist, Claire believes that the world is a better place when we think as one consciousness and utilise nature and care for our beautiful planet.

Claire regularly enjoys meditating in nature, connecting to spirit, geeking out on technology, ‘GeoCachng’ and Weekends Camping in the UK with her son.

Google Certification


(+44) 07816161274

Worldwide, UK, Folkestone, Kent

Some Of The Businesses I Have Worked With:

Geeky Stuff:

* Google Digital Marketing
* WordPress and associated software
* Book-keeping and P&L analysis
* Sole-Trader Projections (Financial)
* Photography
* Design
* Management
* Photoshop
* MS Office
* Google products and services
* Adobe Photoshop
* Adobe Lightroom
* Pinnacle, Avid and Lightworks Video Editing Suites


You can view my CV, experience and skills on LinkedIn too:

Sole Trader Support for people who are ‘spinning lots of plates’!

Caring Stuff:

  • Solve Your Problems
  • Have Breakthroughs
  • Learn Organisational Skills
  • Be Creative
  • Let Your Confidence Soar
  • Love Yourself and aAve Body Confidence
  • Utilise your fears
  • Remove Shame and Guilt
  • Stick by your Ethics and Values
  • Find Time For Yourself
  • Love Fiercely
  • Overcome Your Blocks

Unmuddle Now

Are you ready to stop procrastinating, take action, get organised, get a a website or whatever it is your business and life needs?