About Claire

About Claire

I am a creative and spiritual 'Tech Geek', a passionate Polymath with many different interests, skills and talents, mostly in Training, Self-Development, Wellness, Design and Businesses.

Alongside co-running the Therapists' Network I help sole-traders run their businesses with Coaching on Easy Planning, Love/Work Balance, Photography, SEO, Content Creation and much more...

A ‘Cheeky’ Entrepreneur, Friendly Feminist and Loving Activist, I believe that the world is a better place when we think as one-consciousness.  I regularly enjoy GeoCachng and Weekends Camping in nature with my son.

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You can view my CV, experience and skills on LinkedIn too:

Companies & People I’ve Worked With

Key Abilities:

* Problem Solving
* Organisation
* Tech-Minded (Geeky)
* Creative
* Social
* Hosting and Email Services
* Online Project Management
* Provider of Distance Learning
* Windows/MAC/Android/Apple

Key Skills:

* Google Digital Marketing
* WordPress and associated softwares
* Book-keeping and P&L analysis
* Sole-Trader Projections (Financial)
* Photography
* Design
* Management
* Photoshop
* MS Office
* Google products and services
* Adobe Photoshop
* Adobe Lightroom
* Pinnacle, Avid and Lightworks Video Editing Suites


Google Certification

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