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claire hirst coronavirus tech support for sole traders in kent

If you are worried about doing your work online I can help.  Do you struggle to get your tech to be your friend?  Does the internet or social media baffle you?

Most of the people I have helped have wanted to learn to use their tech, fix a problem or transfer their therapy, coaching, artistic, creative or similar business to online and digital methods.  They have wanted to be clear on how to do video conferencing when they have never used this type of technology before.

Internet, Safety, Security, Websites, PC, Apple, Skype, Zoom, WordPress, Canva, Social Media, MS Office, Mobile Phone, Google, SEO and more…

claire@spinmyplates.com or 07816161274 (Claire’s direct line and WhatsApp).

Prices vary according to the issue that requires help.  But, typically, most issues are fixed within an hour or two and often cost around £60.

Written By: Claire

Finding herself increasing frustrated at expectations to 'specialise' in any one career or subject, Claire founded www.spinmyplates.com where she helps 'multi-preneurs' balance lives and careers incorporating all their interests. Claire has spent 25 years studying photography, music, design, retail management, training and computer programming (among other things). She is a 'Cheeky' Entrepreneur and Friendly Activist. She enjoys Weekends Camping in the Woods with her young son.


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