Coronavirus Covid-19 Support.

If you are worried about doing your work online because of Coronavirus I could help. Or maybe you just want to talk?

I will support you for a small donation or for free whatever you can afford


PC, Apple, Skype, Zoom, WordPress, Canva, Social Media, MS Office, Mobile Phone, SEO and more…

Many self-emplyed are worried because there is no clear financial support at the moment from the Government in light of Covid-19. I am one of them. You probably are too.

That is why donation is optional. I want to help however I can and, I too need help for my family. Together we can get through this!

Hi, I’m Claire

I coach people like you.  Inspiring individuals who want to make a change in the world.  People who are fun and enthusiastic but will also be willing to challenge.  Is that you? 

Claire is great fun but also very professional and knowledgable to work with.. together we created a business plan which has given me a great deal of focus and drive.. I’m already making a list of everything else Claire can help me with..
Colette Dolan

Body & Sole Reflexology and Healing

Working with Claire has been a joy and has increased my turnover substantially. Our relationship is easy, very supportive and incredible value. Not only has she helped me hugely with SEO, key parts of my website and advised sensibly on strategy. I feel she truly understands my needs – and that she cares. She is now helping me to build further success and encourages sensible and manageable growth that isn’t a ‘pipe dream’ of false promises. Hire her NOW and see what she can do for you. Thank you Claire – you rock!

Kate Munden

Personal Change Therapies

About Me

I am a creative and spiritual ‘Tech Geek’, a passionate Polymath with many different interests, skills and talents, mostly in Training, Self-Development, Wellness, Design and Businesses.

Alongside co-running the Therapists’ Network I help sole-traders run their businesses with Coaching on Easy Planning, Love/Work Balance, Photography, SEO, Content Creation and much more…

A ‘Cheeky’ Entrepreneur, Friendly Feminist and Loving Activist, I believe that the world is a better place when we think as one-consciousness.  I regularly enjoy GeoCachng and Weekends Camping in nature with my son.


Claire is professional, precise and efficient in her services. I feel at ease talking through what I need, and her customer service is excellent. I would recommend Claire especially if you are a creative who would rather use your energy on evolving your ideas than working on the techy side of life.


I’d love to hear from you.