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I offer affordable, Donation-Based, Negative-Thoughts Transformation Coaching.

(There is a £15 admin fee per session just to cover my costs).  Then you simply donate for my time and skill based on what you can afford and/or if you feel it’s actually helpful to you. 

There is absolutely no pressure to donate a set amount or commit to anything higher.

There are no commitments to the number of times we meet either.  Simply book a session whenever you want.   

  • No minimum amount of sessions. 
  • Just book one anytime you need some help.

Each session is around 45 minutes but, if the time is nearly up and I feel we are on the edge of something important there will be no pressure to cut the ‘flow’ short immediately.

Money Back Guarantee

You get the reassurance of a Money back guarantee too.  If after your first session, you don’t feel it’s going to be helpful to you or we discover you would benefit more from therapy first, you will get a full refund (admin fee AND the donation).

£15 admin fee

Covers My Running Costs


Donate What You Can Afford For My Time And Skill

You’ve got nothing to lose.

What Could It Help You With?


Unwanted Thoughts




Negative Thinking






Difficulty Socialising


Negative Self-Talk




Feeling Blue


Feeling Stuck


Low Self-Esteem


Work/Life Balance




Major Life Events






Addictive Behaviours


How You Relate To Others

I pay it forward:

If your donation is £30 or more I will pay it forward by donating 20% of it to The Lord Whiskey Foundation.  (please note you absolutely do not have to donate any set amount.  I just want to help the charity if the opportunity arises).

The Lord Whisky Sanctuary Fund is a lifeline for animals of all kinds. They provide sanctuary to animals who become homeless or who have been injured or abused, and vital veterinary care to those on low incomes.

They have saved my dog’s life on a couple of occasions after my insurance wouldn’t pay out and I was left with a much-loved pet with repeated malignant tumours and no way to pay thousands of pounds the other vets wanted for the repeated operations required. 

The Lord Whiskey fund has helped hundreds of poorly pets with their low-income support and I want to give back as a thank-you.

£15 admin fee

Covers My Running Costs


Donate What You Can Afford For My Time And Skill


What can I expect from our first meeting?

You can expect a friendly encounter where we will talk all about you, your life, and your dreams for the future.  I will be very keen to find out what stage you are at, where you want to be, and what conversations you have with yourself.

It will be an enjoyable chat where we uncover your potential hopes,  your blocks or fears, and what can be done with them.

I will explain a bit about what working with me will look like and you will have opportunities to ask me any questions you may have.

Can Thought Transformation Really Change My Life?

If that’s what you want then yes, absolutely.  But you need to be in a place where you are ready to do the things I teach you and practice them.  This can create change very rapidly if followed completely. 

However, sometimes people are so traumatised by the events in their past or childhood that they need to unravel and uncover that with a trauma-informed therapist before being able to move forward with this (I did).  I can help you with this as I run a popular group for reputable therapists who I can refer you to.

What if I can't afford to donate anything?

That’s absolutely fine.  Absolutely no pressure.  Zilch.  So long as you can cover the admin fee then you can have your session.  Just donate when you can.

Have you gone through this process yourself?

Oh yes!  I have spent years on my self-development and recovery.  I am a recovering Food Addict, Abuse survivor (twice), was floored by multiple deaths in my family,  and am recovering well from C-PTSD.  I have utilised in the past a combination of the 12-step programs, Excellent trauma-informed Psychotherapy, and recently my own Thought Transformation Process.  After using the tools of the 12-steps my mind was still in a very bad place.  I decided that more of my traumatic past needed dealing with so I went to therapy to explore that.  What was still missing a little for me after that were the tools to deal with the little voice in my head that was making up stories about me and trying to sabotage everything I tried to do (my very own negative thinking).   That’s when I created this method, born from the field of Transactional Analysis and coaching other people (over 600 hours of coaching practice and growing).

You don’t need to have gone through any of what I have gone through for this method to overturn your mind’s patterns and make great changes in your life.

Do you use a coach?

Absolutely! In fact, I have 3 Coaches, a Therapist AND a supervisor.  I utilise different types of coaches for different needs I have.  I find the ability to explore coaches in different niches gives me a unique opportunity to control the extent of advice I am given and look at different views. For me, it’s all about informed decision-making.

More Information

My Main Tool.

I merge several different coaching tools but I mainly use a tool called Transactional Analysis (TA). 

TA is based on the premise that in early childhood (or, I also believe, post-traumatic experiences) we subconsciously make decisions that create negative or positive scripts (stories we tell ourselves) that our minds go look for evidence of, to justify the thought. 

What the mind does.

When you take in information from your surroundings, close people, or from something happening to you think about it based on your previous experiences.  Your subconscious tries to make sense of it by looking for evidence for those thoughts and then producing feelings about it.  These then become our beliefs.

When you have an internal dialogue that’s become negative and your brain thinks it has found reasons to believe it to be true that strengthens your neural pathways around the belief and makes it a little stronger each time.  Once that belief has been ‘justified’ your mind then reaffirms that decision and looks for yet more justification and a cycle begins.

The cycle repeats until it becomes absolute and unshakeable.   For example, “I will never be good enough”, “I cannot succeed”, “I’m from an unlucky family” etc…

These repeated cycles, in TA, are called ‘scripts’ and they affect the decisions that you make as an adult but through the lens of a young child. 

This can be really baffling to the adult that is trying to move their life forward and improve yet is held back by this internal dialogue.

Stories From Childhood Decide Our Future.

Most of our life scripts develop in our earliest days as we receive verbal and non-verbal messages from the world around us.

By the time we’re 4 years old, we have essentially decided the ‘plot line’ of our life, By the time we are 7 years old the main details of this are completed, and by age 12 we have refined it into an absolute belief.

“Show me the boy and I will show you the man” 

The problem with this is when we are young we do not think as adults do.  Script decisions are made on the basis of a child’s special way of thinking and feeling, as an adult, this way of thinking can appear illogical and over-generalized.

Thankfully early decisions can be changed and you can become free of the negative scripts and become an autonomous adult, responding as an adult to the ‘here and now’. 

In reality, this means that you will function from a life position called ‘I’m ok, you’re ok’.

Making the change.

There are various exercises that we can do together that can help you discover what your core script beliefs are and once we have discovered them you can make the decision whether you want to change them or not

If you decide that you want to change your script then there are several tools at my disposal to teach you to change your own internal beliefs and scripts on a day-by-day basis.  You can then use these tools for yourself going forward and will hopefully not need coaching for very long.

There is a possibility that some of the things that have happened to you in your past may have formed a much more deep scar than anticipated and those may require therapy.

As the owner of The Therapists’ Network, I am in touch with a really good group of therapists that can offer fantastic therapy should you need it.

Practice, it’s simple.

Changing a decision and a belief that was made in very early childhood can take some time and practice.   Deeply embedded scripts that are a part of our culture for example may be a bit more stubborn to change.  For example, you may have been led to believe that ‘money is the root of all evil’ and therefore will have difficulties with accepting money and creating success for yourself.

Happily, all you really need is training on how to identify these beliefs,  analyze them, and reverse them.   

I’ll teach you to learn to recognise them for yourself and then reverse them yourself.

And if you ever get stuck I’m just an email away!

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