Are You Trying To Juggle It All?

Get an amazing website, improved self-worth, great social media content, confidence and an effective work/life balance.

Advice Fusion

Remove the guesswork

Merge proven business techniques for building a strong business with gusto while still being able to feed the kids, walk the dog and take much needed ‘me-time’.

You must be prepared to have some fun, be committed and bring me a challenge.

You can have powerful ‘no-bullshit’ coaching, easy content writing/creating methods and fab designs.

I will dig deep into what you really want and then help you achieve it if you are willing to follow my commandments.

I will not be another friend, you already have those.

I am intuitive, kind, bold and fearless in this mission to serve you and make your life better.

Then you can thrive.


A fusion of powerful Life Coaching and Business Coaching alongside


How to run your small business and Website

Claire is great fun but also very professional and knowledgable to work with.. together we created a business plan which has given me a great deal of focus and drive.. I’m already making a list of everything else Claire can help me with..
Colette Dolan

Body & Sole Reflexology and Healing

Unmuddle Now

Are you ready to stop procrastinating, take action, get organised, get a website or whatever it is your business and life needs?