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Professional Problem Solver and Small Business Coach

Creative Business Mentor specialising in Tech, WordPress, SEO and Business planning.

For Sole Traders, Startups and more….

Guided Training

Take your biggest worries and frustrations in your small business and together we make life easier (and have fun too!).  The first session is FREE!…

Online Support

Downloadable content and streaming support in easy and fun to complete  bite-size chunks (that don’t waste your precious time and money!)…

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to your brighter business

You may be a first-time business owner or simply a sole-trader that is stuck in a rut.  Whether you are raring to go or ready to throw in the towel there is always more that can be done to make things better.  I have helped many sole-traders to find there worth, there have been tears, there have been great celebrations.  Being your own business can be daunting and tough but with a business coach or personal tech support by your side as part of your team, no mountain seems too big to climb.

Don't you want it all to feel less stressful?

Would you like to relax and have more fun?

Could you do with a professional colleague to throw some new light on a problem?

Would you like to be able to set a goal and stick to it?

Off-Session Support

I am on hand for you for those surprises and stuck moments via phone or email, between sessions, at no extra cost to you.

Freestyle Coaching

Coaching at your pace.  Gently or firm, slow or fast, you can count on me to help you uncover what you need, how you need it.

Love Your Business

You can expect to feel confident, energetic and self-motivated after a session together.  Breathe new life into your work!

Tech Advice

I specialise in Tech, SEO, WordPress, and Business Planning with over 30 year’s experience in these fields.

What Is Professional Problem Solving?
Who is it for?

Professional problem solving is a part of my overall coaching style.   I can be as hands-off or hands-on as you like.  You set the pace.  I can offer you not only practical advice in my specialist areas but am also capable of doing the work on your behalf, should training and coaching not be a good fit for you.

What is Hands-On Coaching?

Hands-On Coaching is a style of coaching similar to mentoring.  It is a process whereby I can teach you new skills.  Great for areas where you may have little or no knowledge or if you need to learn something brand new or very unfamiliar.

What is Hands-Off Coaching?

Hands-Off Coaching is a style of coaching whereby you take more of a lead and I support you towards discovering your answers or solutions.  It is useful for an area where you may already be skilled, but are stuck or unsure of something.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is where I can offer advice and share my knowledge of my specialist subjects.  It is ideal for anybody already working in, or looking to work in similar fields.

What is Non-Theraputic Counselling?

Non-Therapeutic Counselling is where you may have a specific problem to solve and I assist you to find an appropriate solution.

What is Problem Repair?

Problem Repair is where you may have good reason to be unable, or unwilling to put in place the solution to a problem.  I offer a premium service whereby (in my specialist areas) I will do the work on your behalf.  This frees you the time to see more clients or complete other projects.

Claire was great fun but also very professional and knowledgable to work with.. together we created a business plan which has given me a great deal of focus and drive.. I’m already making a list of everything else Claire can help me with..
Colette Dolan

Body & Sole Reflexology and Healing

About Me

I am a ‘Tech Geek’ and passionate Polymath with many different interests, skills and talents, mostly in Design and Businesses.

Alongside co-running the Therapists’ Network I help sole-traders run their businesses by Coaching, Easy Planning, Building/Training WordPress Websites, Professional Photography, SEO, Content Creation and much more..

A ‘Cheeky’ Entrepreneur, Friendly Feminist and Loving Activist, I regularly enjoy GeoCachng and Weekends Camping in the Woods with my son.


Claire has written and looks after my two websites. She is an excellent designer, with a good eye for appealing to the right customer, she is good at maintaining the sites, and a reliable good all round egg!! Linda Bishopp
Linda Bishopp

The Therapists' Network


Working with Claire has been a joy and has increased my turnover substantially. Our relationship is easy, very supportive and incredible value. Not only has she helped me hugely with SEO, key parts of my website and advised sensibly on strategy. I feel she truly understands my needs – and that she cares. She is now helping me to build further success and encourages sensible and manageable growth that isn’t a ‘pipe dream’ of false promises. Hire her NOW and see what she can do for you. Thank you Claire – you rock!

Kate Munden

Personal Change Therapies

Claire is professional, precise and efficient in her services. I feel at ease talking through what I need, and her customer service is excellent. I would recommend Claire especially if you are a creative who would rather use your energy on evolving your ideas than working on the techy side of life.


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Webcam Sessions

I accept business coach clients from all over the UK via Webcam using Skype or Zoom.  Your first session is FREE

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