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Plan Your Business Visually By Crafting A Business Oak Tree!

13 June 2019 Crowborough, East Sussex

If documents and spreadsheets make your heart sink then this is the course for you. In this short workshop you will use visualization and creativity to put together you Business Overview - as part of a greater Gentle Business Plan.

Not a word document or spreadsheet in sight! 🙂

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"I was really worried that I'd get yet another website creator who would let me down, not follow my requests and I'd end up with another unuseable website. This, however, is not what happened. Claire listened to what I needed and provided it. And, now I can mostly update my own website when I need to! She has also gone on to create another much bigger website for me, even though this challenged her, she has stuck with it and produced something amazing. My favourite part of hiring Claire is the communication, communication, communication! Claire listens to what you need and does her very best to provide it, or explain why it can't work that way."
"My biggest fear was can I afford this? It's worth every penny! Claire is really accessible and will look at sorting out any problems with ease. She also anticipates potential difficulties and makes sure that there’s a solution in place to avoid these. Claire is a real tech wiz and hiring her means you can leave her to worry about the stuff you don’t know about and ... in fact don’t need to know about, leaving your valuable time free to do the stuff you’re great at!"


"Claire is professional, calm, collected and knows her way round WP and so much more that I haven't found out about yet! She is fair, up-front, authentic and caring in the work she does and her relationship with her client. She gives an excellent service and I have never had a bad experience with Clare at all, I feel safe and trust her to look after me" - verifiable testimonial from client who wishes not to share name/picture.
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Website Client